Monday, 1 December 2014

Baby Scale

Putex Baby Scale Now Available Stock for Sale from 01/12/2014

Specification  of The Product 

Body Type Plastic ABS
Capacity 10/20 Kg 
Grade 50/100 GMS
Scale Size 150 204 65 mm
Tray Size 445 240 65 mm
Scale Weight 1.230 Kg.
Tray Weight 0.290 Kg.

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1. Accuracy as per international standards.
2. Sturdy and durable construction. Anti rust coated parts.
3. Ultra modern shape available in beautiful powder coated colours.
4. Easily removable pan with silding mechanism. No screw.
5. Exclusive height scale for measuring length of babies provided on the pan.
6. Pan with attractive water resistant rexine for convenience of babies.
7. Full view helps ease in reading. the special moving pointer mechanism eliminates unnecessary wear and tear of parts.

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